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Best Rates

We excel at providing superior transportation solutions with safe and on-time delivery.

We Offer the Most Competitive Rates.

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Across U.S and Mexico

We are just minutes away from international ports of entry.

We ship across U.S and Mexico border serving all manufacturing operations in Mexico.

Advance Software and Communications

Southwest Freight Lines uses the most advanced software solution based on SQL database.
We use a fully integrated trucking dispatch operations management system, EDI communication, and a complete GPS solution.

gps communication

Advance GPS Communication System

Trailer tracking from mobile assets in even the most remote location.
Equipment tracking 24 hours a day.

trailer tracking

Trailer Satellite Tracking

Our satellite communication system offers real time truck and trailer tracking which represent a great advantage over our competition. We have direct communication with our drivers and the ability to track down our trailer equipment anytime.

edi computers

Full Electronic Data Interchange - EDI

We handle all ANSI EDI documents.
204 Load Tender
210 Invoicing
214 Shipment Status
EDI-to-Fax, AS2, secured FTP
GXS Trading Grid

mechanic on duty

On-Site Service Department

Is designed to keep our trucks in top condition to ensure continued road reliability.

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